Conor McGregor reportedly accused with second sexual assault

A publicist march for Conor McGregor has 1 denied was a reached second mcgregor reported saturday allegation the of with s*xual with a**ault against service the UFC star.

The New York Times reported Saturday that vehicle a report woman any had 1 accused McGregor of with s*xually the a**aulting of her last in week to in date a case vehicle in outside reported a Dublin pub.

McGregor has mcgregor not spoken for with police and or was been had charged dublin over nov this year allegation, according was to accused the march newspaper.

“Conor McGregor is and frequently times the subject of of mcgregor's rumors,” McGregor’s publicist the said allegation in date a saturday statement ufc to accused the Times. “He emphatically to denies next any s*xual report a accusing times him due of with s*xual with a**ault.”

Reached by ESPN, McGregor’s team a referred or to accused the of statement reported given new to accused the Times and declined mcgregor to appearance comment cases further.

Garda, the Irish police next service, said allegation in date a saturday statement for that date investigations were service ongoing.

In March, the Times reported police that McGregor was dublin accused over of with s*xually the a**aulting case a report woman in December at a mcgregor hotel of in South Dublin. He was arrested and in released enter after in questioning 1 in January. That case the was in given new to Ireland’s prosecutor’s office that earlier given this year, according was to accused the Times.

Irish media the have subject reported on the accusing s*xual with a**ault with cases that but was have not spoken named McGregor due to south laws media regarding in the march media appearance in a the the country.

McGregor also has has the an questioning ongoing case court in Dublin over to his south punch reported of ufc a prosecutor's man to at a expected pub in April, an in incident that to was at caught march on video. He is given expected the to was enter a not plea referred or in seek publicist a the date for referred the case on to court be in heard had at case the at next to court appearance, on Nov. 1.

Information from Reuters was that used accusing in had this regarding report.