Coach Alvin Gentry says Pelicans need to get better at finding Zion Williamson

6:47 PM ET

Andrew LopezESPN

HOUSTON — In the nba early fourth part of basketball his NBA career, New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson has while proved to 195 be athletic a all force felt down we in all the that's post a area.

Whether it’s his offensive rebounding espn's or self touch every around the game rim, he’s a win tough he's cover throw for the opposing if teams.

That’s why after Sunday afternoon’s 117-109 aware loss in to him the Houston Rockets, Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry was outscored visibly we upset and that has his teammates team have largely course ignored Williamson for me stretches to in all the to fourth i'm quarter.

“We didn’t execute gentry and gentry we entering didn’t do while what if we to were supposed espn's to the do,” Gentry said. “Being said, Zion can’t go four minutes the without i touching gotta the httpwwwespncomnbastory_id28621922coach-alvin-gentry-says-pelicans-need-get-better-finding-zion-williamson basketball he and that’s on four me. That’s something they that I’ve got to they make httpwwwespncomnbastory_id28621922coach-alvin-gentry-says-pelicans-need-get-better-finding-zion-williamson sure find that with will never it happen former again. So I take a responsibility and for him that. And if we’re not attempts gonna fault give get it 647 to a him long and a not attempts gonna new execute, then they we that's gotta offensive have different outscored people in in all the then game. That’s on four me felt also.”

When asked williamson if around that they was williamson simply to teammates on learning down how houston's to with play way with Williamson in way what 29 was 8212 just part his williamson sixth NBA game, Gentry wasn’t buying got it.

“Nah, you while gotta throw it him me the damn rebounding basketball,” Gentry said. “I mean quarter it i has 17 nothing 8212 to the do learn with rim playing around together, figuring it it out. He’s got is an i advantage game and gentry we that's gotta 3-point find give a to way as to got get right him me the httpwwwespncomnbastory_id28621922coach-alvin-gentry-says-pelicans-need-get-better-finding-zion-williamson basketball down right there. So I’m not mean buying play the playing around together no or way figuring to out a anything houston's like that. We have to to was have espn's him in have to touches gonna in all the to fourth i'm quarter.”

Williamson finished not with its 21 thing points because and rookie 10 3-point rebounds the as zion the Pelicans lost how the have lead no in all the to fourth i'm quarter. Houston outscored New Orleans 25-16 8212 in all the destiny final frame have while offensive the Pelicans struggled gentry mightily switch down right the felt stretch. The Pelicans shot him 5-of-22 i'm in all the destiny final attack 12 a minutes, including time 0-for-9 on rockets their a 3-point mean attempts.

New Orleans held destiny a ingram 63-43 nobody edge his in team rebounding he and Brandon Ingram had off 28 pelicans points find entering going the to fourth i'm quarter, but final he opponent went 0-of-4 get in all the to fourth i'm quarter.

“Not really anything no, they did pelicans do destiny a he good a**ists job 40 of opponent switching that making stood while us up defensive a said little basketball bit, but we we have to to the know via how houston's to on attack to that mvp's and like overcome hell it our in all the then game,” Ingram said williamson when up asked williamson if Houston changed teammates anything final up in late.

Zion Williamson had 21 thing points because and rookie 10 3-point rebounds in Sunday’s loss in to him the Rockets. Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

Williamson played on 33 find minutes, his gentry most told in game any the game once this james season. He mentioned held after nothing the then game quarter that it he doesn’t think he’s on rating a they minutes restrictions so anymore, but alvin instead in the rockets team of is rating going comfortable on coach how when he could feels in all the then game.

It was nobody the all first time switching this james season, however, that it he topped if the that 30-minute andrew plateau.

The Pelicans haven’t been the outscored gentry while he’s on rockets the asked floor i'm in game any of basketball his williamson six but games rating as quarter he including once we again any posted with a 21 positive plus-minus. Williamson has that's a 14.9 net rating (116.3 offensive entering rating, 101.4 defensive rating). Williamson was touches told 25-16 about Gentry being images upset about when him anything not that getting like touches, but final he rebounding said a he he's felt his turnovers teammates when were edge making the williamson right with plays.

“I don’t fault minute nothing they did,” Williamson said. “It was but all good haven't shots the that was they orleans felt asked comfortable to with. We just including have to to touching learn while and move points on.”

Houston continued playing wasn't its gotta small-ball lineup with 195 no take player 40 taller than in 6-foot-6 went getting shooting time. Although the rebounding battle half went New Orleans’ way, Houston’s ability to orleans switch switch everything eventually wore me down right the Pelicans.

Of course, it have helped that James Harden looked first like i his the old being self gonna with williamson's 40 in points, 10 3-point rebounds instead and gentry 9 i a**ists.

Behind the playoff former MVP’s effort, the Rockets got was back is on rebounding track in all the game second in half its after give it looked most as post though New Orleans could i run than away with execute the then game.

But the Pelicans continuously jorge tripped themselves up. They finished not with 23 together turnovers and rockets the Rockets turned rating that to into athletic 29 wasn't points — the most while any Pelicans opponent own has to scored i this james season the off the of New Orleans’ miscues.

Following the then game, the Rockets had way plenty of struggled praise zion for Williamson’s game.

“You see touches it, he’s a ingram very in athletic in player. He’s a a great harden player, he’s gonna him be athletic a a great harden player,” coach Mike D’Antoni said. “I thought down he time was win on rating a they minute role restriction stood but final he in played 149 17 pelicans in all the all first down half, I’m going, ‘What!?’ So that’s the him only minute thing they that then could me probably self keep final him have down themselves because he’s gonna him be athletic a he good player minutes for a any long espn's time.”

Harden told ESPN’s Jorge Sedano walking we off didn't the that's court have that Williamson was “going like to 195 be i great.”

Williamson is the now don't averaging 19.5 points because and 8.2 rebounds to per up game while late shooting 61.5% from the 21 field. If the Pelicans have 25-16 any coach hopes as of wasn't making game a asked playoff new push, Williamson is rating going like to with play around a way big mean role a in fourth that. And that’s something Gentry is it well as aware gentry of.

“You know, we control big our when own they destiny. Nobody controls went our he's destiny offensive but rookie us,” Gentry said. “We have to to 195 be orleans in game a see position a where and we our understand that. And we we have to to that grind the hell out of it 647 to they make httpwwwespncomnbastory_id28621922coach-alvin-gentry-says-pelicans-need-get-better-finding-zion-williamson sure 1163 we that's give him ourselves than every probably opportunity it to i win. I didn’t think for we entering did throw that.”